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Aeronautical obstacle assessment

All aeronautical obstacle assessments are done through the use of a procedure design software suite. All obstacle data must be delivered through the below form to automate the import of obstacle data. Move your mouse pointer over or touch any field to get information on how to format the input.

The latitude and longitude of each obstacle must be specified in WGS-84. Note that the exact formatting must be adhered to in order to allow automatic processing of the input value. The Norwegian mapping authority has an online conversion tool which allows conversion from the most common projection systems used in Norway to WGS-84. In the coordinate drop down list, the option "EU89 - Geografisk, grader (Lat/Lon)" corresponds to WGS-84.

Aeronautical obstacle assessments are a critical safety barrier in the aviation domain. All assessments are subject to EU legislation in regards to processing aeronautical data. As such, we rely on the data originator to properly submit correct input data. If we must modify the input data in order for it to satisfy the requirements outlined above, Avinor assumes the data originator role and must therefore submit the data through a new quality assurance process. If such action is required, the customer submitting the data will be charged a fixed sum of 10,000 NOK for the data assurance process.

Obstacle data
Name Type Latitude Longitude Top Base Height
This table will be populated when you click the "Add obstacle" button above.
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